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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 23, 2024 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> i'm going to go to 1862 and i don't know why. just guessing. it was 1862. it was written by daniel butterfield during the civil war who felt previous calls for lights out was too formal so he wrote taps, very solemn, emotional song. >> it is very poignant. >> they for being with us, don't forget to send your friday feedback to coast-to-coast starts now. neil: keeping a close eye on nvidia, you know the name of the story and the stock and now it is the priciest it has ever been at woven thousand $46 a share, essentially doubled this year. it's more than threefold in the past 52 weeks.
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a lot of it boiled down to the latest earnings that have its business going further than anyone going forward, the poster child for artificial intelligence, nothing artificial about the advance in the technology laden nasdaq, what to make of that and the sources that are going one way versus the dow going south for the time being, that's a separate story. susan: at $250 billion they for the world's biggest chipmaker, extending that 100% rally so far this year and wall street has some pretty high folks going into this but nvidia putting an incredible record quarter tripleing sales going for a bigger quarter this spring time and remember what's rallying the stock, the long-awaited stock split, 10 to 1 starting june 7th so that means more average folks can buy in and there's a higher chance of inclusion in the dow
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jones industrials which is. with the stock price and nvidia doubling the payout to investors in dividends and it is all systems go in this new inflection point. >> the next industrial revolution has begun. companies and countries are partnering with nvidia to shift the trillion dollar install base and build a new type of data center, factories to produce a new commodity, artificial intelligence. >> there are trillions being spent in this new ai boom and a transition underway from cloud to ai and that's why nvidia says three of the biggest customers are the cloud providers, microsoft, google, amazon accounting for almost half of their data center revenue. with today's rally, the ceo doesn't need the money but is
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getting richer, he is worth $83 billion, set to crack the 20 richest in the world but more importantly his rise to riches is also a testament to this great capitalist system we live in, we live in a country where $2 trillion tech giants are being created by busboys like joseph wong who came up with the idea of nvidia over a grand slam breakfast at a denny's food in 1990s. also it is a great system or humble garages can create legendary giants like apple, steve jobs, wozniak, member of google, larry page and hard work can go a long long way. neil: a remarkable story, so many times i've been to denny's and had some great meals but never became a billionaire off of it. but do try the ham and eggs a special. great job.
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let's go to scott martin on this, it's remarkable sometimes you always worry and full disclosure here i am and nvidia shareholder and have been for many years. i want to get that out there but having said that, the one thing you always look at when it is one good quarter after another, getting ahead of our skis, is this running too far too fast, is this remind you of the internet boom for example in 2000. what do you think? >> we are sprinting and i have come up with many great ideas over a grand slam breakfast. it is paying out immensely, not quite to the billions nvidia is creating but this is like the internet whom but what's great about that is last time i checked in the 90s when the internet boom is getting going and the early 2000s, some of those companies went bust, some went to the moon and i think nvidia is about there. there market as srs transit dollars in the
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probably the number one company in market, my prediction by the end of the year and the ceo said the next industrial revolution, servers, storage and all the things it is doing are things that will transform what we are doing daily for our lives, something everybody should be excited about as far as buying good companies, changing our lives going forward. stuart: to that point, those with certain memory, looked at the internet boom and whether it repeats itself, the difference is some of the primary players make money hand over fist, the reason it makes so much money, even if they have to wait a while to get the new chips, i get that part of it but looking at the multiples on some of these stocks,
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microsoft, amazon, apple, and strong earnings, those multiples, doesn't look so lofty, where are you on whether it is an index or too much? >> you have a haves and have nots, the new economy is nvidia but those big tech giants, google, meta, amazon, the dominant companies, the old economy actually can be a better investment. what powers those data centers, powering ai is utilities, coal and nuclear, microsoft and amazon powering those data centers, industrial manufacturing, those are the better and more sane ways to play the ai revolution. in the market today you see the
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dow week but a handful of as facts on the economy. even second-tier tech stocks beat with nvidia and it's going to be massive productivity the way it comes out of this but got to look at things like the way to play it, not chase multiple companies. neil: your intent was not to mention the utility average but i've noticed utilities are doing great, they are having a great here. the down notwithstanding today, almost anything you can throw money at you had a chance to make money of late. what do you make of that? >> reminds me of 99. amazing when you wake up tomorrow and didn't know what you were buying and things like that. neil: are yellowjacket was fashionable.
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>> what could go wrong from here? a lot of things on the back end of this boom could be good, benefiting from interest rates have stabilized, they don't chase valuations, nvidia as an extensive stock but is expensive for reason and stocks can get more expensive before they crash. as you add these to the portfolio the points, might be powered by ai, got to add things that are safe and stable with risky things like nvidia, microsoft, amazon, and google. julie: always reminded me, the big worries are what's going on what if the federal reserve doesn't cut rates but washington dc blows up because they are at each other's throats all the time. it's all out there but always a worry. >> nvidia is the great patriotic growth story we should be so proud of but let's
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not lose sight that even ai and nvidia can't overcome the inflationary concerns. the labor market today with the industrial data you have, retail sales, housing data that is weak, all of those are a victim of runaway government spending, there hasn't been a peeping this election cycle about the elephant in the room, that is the national debt, going up by one trillion dollars and 90 days, we've got to address that issue if you want to keep this boom everybody loves in this country and don't want to see how the stock is made but got to deal with the realities of that. those inflationary concerns will not be overcome by the productivity boom we love nai innovation. julie: are both splendid dressers. one of my favorites here is brian yunus, he has a great sense of humor which prepared him well for this political season.
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candidates are at each other's throats and i can talk about this, it is unusual to see a republican doing this, going into the belly of the beast of the other side, the bluest of blue states in new jersey and south bronx today. the last 2 did that was ronald reagan. >> the last one in 1984, before lights out, thousands are expected to attend tonight's rally in the south bronx, 3500 to 5000, donald trump is expected to speak to this crowd, trump's first campaign rally in new york since 2016. this is a deep blue state in the bronx, a deeper blue area, president biden won the bronx
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with 84% of love boat. the trump campaign says this is an effort to make sure new constituents that are not traditionally republican are spoken to. 92% of the bronx made up of black and brown minority voters, not white voters. speaking about expanding the trump voter base, former republican presidential candidate nikki haley says she is voting for trump, it would be smart for trump to reach out to her voters. even after she bowed out of the race. >> trump has not been perfect on these policies. i've made that clear many times. but biden has been a catastrophe. so i will be voting for trump. trump would be smart to reach out to them millions of people who voted for me and continue to support me. and not assume they are just going to be with him.
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i genuinely hope he does that. >> reporter: how voters will react to a verdict in the criminal trial is anyone's guess. that verdict could come down next week, closing arguments set for tuesday, jury deliberations could begin next wednesday. the judge is expected to give lawyers on both sides a final draft of those jury instructions by end of day today and if possible, those instructions could be made public but it is more likely when the jury knows the instructions which could be as early as wednesday. adam: jury doesn't follow the instructions. a lot more on this, bob, brian expertly laid it out. it is unusual to see republicans doing what this republican is doing, not unprecedented, worked well for ronald reagan. i wonder if you think it will work for donald trump.
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>> so far it is working. he is expanding the map and you look at elections now in such a polarized country, seven battleground states, it is certainly a play to go into areas that don't see presidential campaigns, if you look at virginia and minnesota, these turned from purple to blue especially virginia and trump is within striking distance in both polls. and a lot of polls. i think this is working for trump. he is the favorite right now and that's what you do, you go to places where the other guy is struggling. neil: and you prepare for the unexpected. one thing i remember about that, it got nasty but it seemed like reagan was ready. this is from his 1980 visit to the bronx in this exchange which became iconic. listen.
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>> what are you trying to do for us? what can you? >> i am trying to tell you, i know now there's no program or promise a president can make, the federal government can waive their want and do this. adam: this woman peppering questions, there were other exchanges, everyone looking for government solutions help them in the south bronx, one of the poorest areas at the time in the united states and he was saying get that is not what i'm going to be bringing here. he wasn't bringing any candy, wasn't bringing -- he was going to lift the economy and that would be their victory. what do you think of that message? >> reporter: the whole notion of going into enemy territory is risky. it was risky for reagan it is
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risky for trump but at the same time we've seen trump when he is going into court or leaving court, talking to her bodega owner, shaking hands with police officers, he knows how to play the crowd, challenged by the media, he knows how to do the give and take, he is comfortable. people do respect when you go into an area where not everybody thinks like you but you are going. adam:'s polls are tight, they could still change. momentum is favoring the former president, not the present one but looking back in history it was the same environment in 1948 when a very unpopular democratic president was looking at near certain defeat and something happened on election day, harry truman got through that one. things can change. polling is a lot more
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sophisticated today, may be these polls will prove accurate, but do you think we get ahead of ourselves pre-determining a victory? >> we do. whether it is sports or politics or a new harvard harris poll says 30 one% of people are weighing their options. a lot of it pretty one% made their mind up and don't want to say it but that's a lot of people. this is winnable for sides. this is a close race. it's a tossup and it probably will be as we head into the fall but as far as who has the advantage, would rather be trump than biden right now. neil: thank you. one of the things we look at when we see markets advancing and the backdrop, how you and i are feeling, it comes back to our move as an electorate, you need look no further than what we are spending money on and cruises is something to spend money on, cruises don't come
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her uncle's unhappy. i'm sensing an underlying issue. it's t-mobile. it started when we tried to get him under a new plan. but they they unexpectedly unraveled their “price lock” guarantee. which has made him, a bit... unruly. you called yourself the “un-carrier”. you sing about “price lock” on those commercials. “the price lock, the price lock...” so, if you could change the price, change the name! it's not a lock, i know a lock. so how can we undo the damage? we could all unsubscribe and switch to xfinity. their connection is unreal. and we could all un-experience this whole session. okay, that's uncalled for.
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adam: sitting sale, i love stuff like that but i'm kind of a nerd. that's the backdrop for this. this economy, how people draw out to have a good time, doling out cash and record numbers to get a cabin on a cruise ship. finding one has got to be next to impossible but they will let anyone in if they have got the dough. folks like ashley webster weighing in on this. ashley: i feel at home. this is what i was made for. it is a smaller cruise ship, handles 2200 passengers and they started arriving. these lucky people later on today setting sail for key
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west, and the caribbean, demand for cruise ships is higher, close to 35 million passengers expected to take a cruise, up 17% since 2019, the year before covid. what is the appeal? you can tailor the cruise to your exact need, it's great value for money. take a listen to the president of norwegian cruise lines. >> duplicate the experience. on a land-based vacation it will cost 30%, 40% more, and won't have the same ability to customize it. it's not just price but the value. ashley: another interesting trend, millennials and younger
12:24 pm
passengers are the fastest growing segment of the cruise line industry, not just mom and dad retiring and taking a cruise around the world but younger people who like smaller ships and expedition like experiences. another fast-growing area are huge cruisers. i am amazed at the offer, you could have a kiss cruz, four days in the caribbean listening to kiss songs, wwe is a given. even a hallmark christmas cruise, and the clothing optional cruise, going to the caribbean. all i can say to that is bring plenty of sunscreen. adam: these hits you are doing, you wander around the ship. i think you are planning to stay on it when they say where is ashley? he's got to leave now. ashley: don't be surprised if you see me live in key west tomorrow.
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i missed the disembarking so thanks for blowing that for me. neil: just jealous. ashley webster in the port of miami. it's big business. travel is still popular for folks. i remember distinctly what we were coming at, still going to be this depression, people might have enough interest to get out but everyone was saying this was going to be a recession, people are afraid to go anywhere. that proved not to be the case. what do you see now? >> you signed up for the clothing optional cruise. adam: this is neil: this is a family show. >> the people are still traveling, spending money, cruisers are up because they are one of the few things that give good value which i am not a big fan of it, especially traveling with the family, you
12:26 pm
want to not -- in one place that moves and you see a bunch of different things and got to fight for the poor chairs, people live with that to save a couple bucks. especially as cruise ships keep getting bigger and grander and ridiculous. neil: i know i would have you on, apparently i didn't realize when airline seats are booked, the first seats to go are first class seats. when shipping crews are booked, it's the most expensive ones that are booked first. you can't get them. they are first to go. why is that? >> people who can afford them want to make sure they get them so they will pay up right away to ensure they have the best possible experience because there are a lot of pains and their buts when it comes to cruises, a lot of people, a lot of waiting, and a lot of not as
12:27 pm
good rooms. if you get one with no windows you don't know if it is 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning. they want to have the experience on airlines, best flights are first-class flights and suites were you have a lot of space. neil: those who don't travel private like you, some tips. i understand today, the busiest travel day of memorial weekend, and way before covid. what do you see? >> they are saying something ridiculous, the busiest travel in 20 years. most people are driving but a lot of people are flying. whether you are hitting the roads, don't travel at peak times like now and same thing
12:28 pm
tomorrow, today and tomorrow, the two busiest travel days, coming back monday will be a nightmare so plan ahead, go in the morning, go later if you can and if you are flying, take the earliest flight possible because if there are delays or cancellations you have the best chance. neil: i heeded that advice and told my wife about it, take the earliest plane possible, she said no. we didn't take the earliest plane possible and we waited so you are right about that. not we haven't talked since. you are the best. always appreciate it. have a safe weekend. the one thing, the bigger story is artificial intelligence and the ai craze. the proof is in the pudding and the money going into this. right around you, that cubicle next to you that used to have a person in it, okay, you get the
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adam: we focus on nvidia, constitutes support and i is real, you think of all this,
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elon musk talked about the impact of ai on jobs, speaking at a conference in paris, saying the impact is not for those who are working, none of us will have a job, might have been saying that for affect, long-term, it would be optional, you could see a possible scenario given the developers of artificial intelligence with jobs to become obvious. anyway, he also says the impact on education, each child would have einstein as a teacher. he recognizes the obvious, warning us about the obvious, jobs could go and a lot of them, maybe yours. and is he right?
12:35 pm
>>, latest statistics show 85 million jobs could be gone by 2025. who's to say that is the case? we know a lot of jobs, looking at hr functions and marketing, doesn't take a lot of thinking but basic input, those jobs will be absent but believing you will be raised by einstein and watch netflix, that's not the case. neil: who is the most vulnerable? how can they avoid being the most vulnerable? >> if you're in customer service, your job within the next year to two, artificial intelligence, if you have a job in any way, shape or form dealing with data entry is awesome but i will tell you on the other side of it, a high proof, typically those jobs involve some type of human interaction, the latest
12:36 pm
statistics said you are a mental health therapist. $75,000 of mental health, this is a crazy world. neil: a lot of officers see pairing their staffs or the years going forward, is it education? work ethic? is it both of that will set you apart? they've got to figure there's a way to make a buck. >> your work ethic and i live by the statement, every shape or form, if you are near, your manager knows you, they are more likely to keep your job. on the other side of it what it comes down to is get to know
12:37 pm
artificial intelligence, you are a potential grad coming out or someone looking to open your skill set, get to know artificial intelligence. neil: got it. that is a job that looks deep a double. fallout from this and the markets going two ways after this.
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and they're all coming? those who are still with us, yes. grandpa! what's this? your wings. light 'em up! gentlemen, it's a beautiful... to fly.
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neil: sometimes scary videos can bring the world to attention and get the world to react and do something about it. they are finding out in israel horrific events emerged about the capture of some female israeli soldiers last october that now made the light of day and has a lot of people demanding action. >> reporter: the entire country saw the video last night and it comes as northern and southern fronts in this war remain active. there were dozens in northern israel by lebanese militant group hezbollah.
12:43 pm
the majority of those rockets were intercepted by missile defense system in the iron dome. those rockets landing in open areas, and the northern front active, they are getting closer to a large-scale is very solution to deal with the problem. 30 days into the role in israel and hamas, israeli troops are moving deeper into rafah. there is extensive damage and gaza's are than most f7 most city, the israeli military says 1 million people have evacuated since last week. >> live in the shadow of war and gaza, major powers to stand with and end this war ending the displacement of our people and stopping israel. >> reporter: a cease-fire is unlikely in the coming days,
12:44 pm
120 hostages remaining in gaza. each day new information is coming out, those that are being held by hamas from a new demonstration in israel calling for an immediate solution. in direct talks between israel and hamas have collapsed. both sides are standing firm on their political demands. neil: i want your take on international court demanding the arrest of benjamin netanyahu and putting him in the same league as the leaders of hamas. that isn't going down well. >> absolutely. she saw the white house really such a strong statement from president biden. in that announcement seeking arrest warrants by the icc you had israel's defense minister and benjamin netanyahu and
12:45 pm
three senior hamas officials in the same statement, that rubbed americans the wrong way, israeli politicians from across the political spectrum spoke against that announcement and the israelis will not comply with any requests from the icc. adam: it is what they do and they do it very well. u.s. air force brigadier general, war without rules, the best-selling book, great to have you. i will follow-up on a question i just asked, this international court push to get benjamin netanyahu arrested putting him in the same camp as hamas leaders themselves, akin to something very world war ii like calling for the arrest of adolf hitler. what do you make of it? >> curtis lemay used to say to
12:46 pm
the winner goes the spoils. he would be himself. this is something but wasn't expected. the overall change in the tenor and tone of international order since these authoritarian regimes like china and russia have begun to turn the international system more to their favor and that includes icc. neil: where do you see this war going? >> i think it will continue and grow. we are in the second cold war. one of the things we need a better grasp on is the information component. we talked about the horrific nature of the videos. remember the 9/11 video brought america to gather. what the israelis fail to see is allowing people to see what was going on on october 7th
12:47 pm
would have galvanized the international order against hamas and the palestinians, it is part of our global information world, the idea of psychological warfare is incredibly important for national security much more so than before. neil: the iranian president killed in a helicopter crash and the foreign minister and others, a lot of people hope there will be moderation of leadership, what do you predict? >> absolutely not. first of all it was a helicopter in fog which doesn't go well together if you are not flying on instruments. i don't think it's a conspiracy whatsoever, the uranian regime to change one bit with its change in leadership. neil: i know those supreme
12:48 pm
leader going for the same job. how do you see that going? what do you know about it? >> what we know is obviously they didn't get a longer. may be a struggle where ideas of experience come from. what you can expect from the uranian regime is a continuation of support for hamas and hezbollah and the houthis in yemen. no changes there. the war in europe and ukraine and asia, chinese ships surrounding taiwan. you've got to recognize it's a global calls war. julie: said global cold war, now you have china and russia working in concert by extension with countries like iran, north
12:49 pm
korea, it does have a sort of cold war on steroids feel. >> it does but we haven't positioned ourselves to be very successful. the first cold war we owned the industrial base. today china does. we have big problems particularly if china invades taiwan with regard to microprocessors. that's a problem that we need to work a lot harder to solve and it seems like we are not getting off the dime when it comes to our industrial policy. neil: always an honor talking to you and thank you for the visit, to see how things fallout. something we do every day. something new to pass along. remember barbara corcoran who said a big event and housing getting under 7% for fixed rate mortgage, 6.94%. for housing and the economy is
12:50 pm
a jump ball, after this. ♪ ♪
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neil: the dow is going south but when it comes to technology and artificial intelligence, stocks are on fire and remain on fire but this is a confirmation that ai is real. they swear by and sometimes swear at it. lauren simmons joins us for make money move. the youngest ever stock exchange trader and she still very young. good to have you. >> happy to be here, good morning. neil: we are told all this is what young people are into but older legislators try to deal with this and don't seem to understand it and try to rein it in. given the attention stocks are getting does that worry you as a young person, the older folks in congress might destroy this?
12:57 pm
>> it does worry me because there is so much potential with ai and the good that it can do but as far as some industries, i don't think ai will always be the best route to go because ai is only as good as the information being put into it. when it comes to case law or finance and investing there's always going to be the human aspect, the human person that's going to look at your different situation, how much income you may, what your debt is and base all of that on how to best invest. ai is not always going to be the best for that because it is not tailored for each person. neil: is trying to catch up. they have all these financial demands and even some
12:58 pm
investment banks are using a tailor-made plan. what do you think of that? >> it's very good for basic bread and butter, in 401(k), and and to be more niche and tailored. we need an advisor or human because it's financial goals. and interest rates are high, it is this year and where we are, in the economy is indicative,
12:59 pm
ai is only as good as the person, putting it into the technology. neil: an interesting take on younger people and how they feel about markets. they are leery of them, they seem to be market of verse, the youngest female trader ever walked to the floor. how do you feel about it? >> the markets this year, it's not a good place for me, definitely have taken a seat back from investing in the market but you invest in alternative assets, i put a lot of my money into growing the money that i have and putting it into safe accounts such as treasury, cds and savings accounts, these things will only be attractive when interest rates are high.
1:00 pm
and different vehicles wouldn't be as attractive. >> 1.6%. >> a young person by treasuries and cds. lauren simmons, equity trader making money. that the book on these markets. the dow going one way, technology stocks, nvidia. ai has a future. taylor rings in "the big money show" guy -- >> >> young people who think stocks and cds. jackie: its new again. i'm taylor riggs. brian: i am brian brenberg


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